Strawberry strawberry cake (May contain strawberries)


This makes it so that strawberry cake has an ingredient, namely, strawberry. One might think this would have to be so by default, but it isn’t.

This does not change the look, shape, size, taste or any other parameter of that cake — it only adds one ingredient. XML only, default override.


  • Updated for (no idea what “Masterworks” are but this is now aware of them).
  • Will conflict with anything that touches the following resource: recipe_Food_Homestyle_CakeStrawberry-Large EB97F823_00000000_0000000000017CBE
  • If you have More Logical Cooking you don’t need this.

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Made with velocitygrass’ TS4 XML Extractor, Notepad++ and s4pe. Many thanks to Shimrod101, velocitygrass and Zerbu for helping to figure out how to get this kind of thing to work in .package format!