Basic Standard Add-On: Trim and Tile 2


More combinations of the Maxis “Basic Standard” paint with “Slippery”/”Sterilised” and “Checkmate”/”King Me” tile walls, plus three additional colours for “Basic Standard” (yellow, beige and a warm light green). They match exactly on all wall heights, incuding proper bump/spec maps, so they can be combined with the existing ones seamlessly.


  • 3 x paint with trim that will sort with the other “Basic Standard” Maxis walls (with trim)


  • 4 x light green + 1 leftover other green (8EAB88 with grey/white tiles) that will sort with my other green walls (or in their own thumbnail if you don’t have those)
  • 1 x aqua (96BBBB with grey tile) that will sort with the other blue ones (or by itself respectively);


  • 5 x yellow which sorts with my white tiled walls (or by itself if you don’t have those)
  • 5 x beige / 3 x light brown / 3 x brown / 2 x dark brown that collectively go into their own thumbnail

Other colours (white, blue, green) as well as combinations with “Digital World” and “Nature’s Glow” tile are available here.

All of the catalogue screenshots are taken with both this and the other upload in. One of the yellows (the one on the pic at the top, with brown/light brown tile) is missing from the wall height overview screenshots but it is included and works fine on all heights.

If you want to do similar stuff I’ve uploaded DDS/PDN of a bunch of the original “Basic Standard” walls here.
Download / Feedback

WallEz, s4pe,, dxtbmp, Notepad++.